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All the API Calls in more detail

API Documentation

The Riverty Management API contains resource collections to get available payment methods, authorization, capture, refund and void operations. On this page, you can find a detailed description of each operation with input parameters, possible responses, sample requests and integration examples for different platforms.


POST /api/v3/checkout/authorize

Approves the payment for a specified customer and basket. Main use-cases are One-Step and Two-Step Authorization. Full fraud and credit scoring applied. If the online-shop customer enter the incorrect address data, the system delivers a suggestion for a corrected address.

POST /api/v3/checkout/payment-methods

Returns the available payment methods for a specified basket value and offers available for client. Returns monthly installment amount, interest and fees. Sending in customer data and contents of the basket to enhance the result is optional. If the online-shop customer enters the incorrect address data, the system delivers suggestion for a corrected address. Main use-case is Two-Step Authorize.

Order Management

POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/captures

Completes the payment that has been authorized. Typically done when the order is shipped. Can be a full or partial capture of the order amount.

POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/captures/return-notification

Notifies about a full or partial return registered by the consumer on the merchants web shop.

POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/refunds

Refunds a partially or fully captured payment.

POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/voids

Void (cancel) an authorization that has not been captured.

POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/updateOrder

Change the contents of an Authorized but not Captured order. Use this call to add or remove items in an existing Order, without creating a new orderNumber. You must provide the entire body of the query, in the same format as Authorize, including all Order Items. (If you added an item, Update Order must contain previously Authorized items as well. If you removed an item, Update Order must contain the new full list of Order Items.) If the TotalGrossAmount has increased compared to the Authorize call for this orderNumber, a new Risk Check will be made for the additional amount. If the additional Risk Check returns a rejection, the original Authorize will remain valid.

GET /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}

Returns the contents of the specified order

GET /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/captures/{captureNumber}

Returns all or specific captured payments of the order

GET /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/refunds/{refundNumber}

Returns all or specific refunds of the order.

GET /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/voids/{voidNumber}

Returns all or specific voided (cancelled) authorizations of the order.

Shipping Details

POST /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/captures/{captureNumber}/shipping-details

Add new shipping details information to the capture.

PATCH /api/v3/orders/{orderNumber}/captures/{captureNumber}/shipping-details/{shippingNumber}

Update shipping details information of the specific capture.

Additional Services

POST /api/v3/lookup/customer

Returns address based on input (Social security number, mobile number, Organization number).

PATCH /api/v3/customers/{customerNumber}/updateCustomer

Updates customer information

POST /api/v3/lookup/installment-plans

Returns the available installment plans for the specific product/basket value. Returns monthly installment amount, interest and fees. Typically used on a product page.

POST /api/v3/validate/bank-account

Validates and evaluates the account and bank details in the context of direct debit payment. It is possible to transfer either the combination of BankCode and AccountNumber or IBAN and BIC

POST /api/v3/validate/address

Check the delivered customer addresses as well as a phonetic and associative identification of duplicates. Additionally, checks of client-specific negative or positive lists can be processed. Usually, the AddressCheck is used for the pure verification of the address data e.g. for registration processes.

POST /api/v3/checkout/{checkoutId}/contract

Creates an installment and/or direct debit contract that can be displayed for the customer.

FastTrack Services

POST /api/v3/customer-account

Apply for customer account credit

GET /api/v3/customer-account/{accountNumber}/credit-limit

Get remaining account credit limit

POST /api/v3/customer-account/{accountNumber}/event

Add event to account

GET /api/v3/customer-account/{ssn}

Find customer account by SSN (social security number)


GET /api/v3/version

Gets the version of the service.

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