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Astrid goes to the webshop and puts all the items she wants into her cart, from the individual item pages. Then she clicks on the shopping cart icon.

On the shopping cart page, the merchant shows the items she’s buying, and asks her to fill in her name, email, national ID number, and address. Astrid then clicks “Go to Checkout”. As the checkout page loads, the webshop sends a POST call to the PAYMENT-METHODS endpoint of the Riverty checkout API. The call contains the customer’s details and the order item details.

Based on the provided information, Riverty returns a list of available payment methods. The merchant can then give Astrid multiple options – the standard 14-day invoice, a Consolidated Invoice or Campaign Invoice if they are available, or Part Payment options (either a fixed-term scheme or a flexible monthly payment scheme).

The response contains the following information:

Payment Methods – the details of the payment methods that Riverty is willing to accept for this order. There will be one or more blocks, each consisting of:

  • Type – as per Payment Methods.
  • Title – the title of this payment method, as displayed to the customer.
  • Tag – the tagline (short description) of this payment method, as displayed to the customer.
  • Logo – the URL of the Riverty logo, as displayed to the customer.
  • Account – if the type is Account, this block contains additional information about flexible monthly payments.
  • Campaigns – if the type is Invoice and campaign invoices are currently available, this block contains additional information about the campaign.
  • Direct Debit – if the type is Invoice and direct debit is configured, this block will read “true”. You will need to collect the customer’s bank account information and pass it to Riverty in the Capture call.
  • Installment – if the type is Installment, this block contains additional information about the fixed term payments.

Sending customer details:

The “Available Payment Methods” call must contain the order item details, while the customer details are optional. In case you include the customer details, we can execute a risk check based on the provided personal information. To make sure that the customer data are transmitted to us in a compliant way, please make sure that you got the consent for this from the consumer in advance.

You will receive a “checkout-ID” in the response, which you must use in the corresponding “Authorize” call. This is important to ensure that the result of the “Available Payment Methods” call check is related to the particular customer and to avoid additional risk checks.

See the detailed API documentation for more information.


   "order": {
      "totalGrossAmount": 238.89,
      "currency": "EUR"


   "PaymentMethods": [
         "Type": "Invoice",
         "Title": "14-Day Invoice",
         "Tag": "Pay after delivery, and only for what you keep!",
         "Logo": "https://cdn.myafterpay.com/logo/AfterPay_logo.svg"
         "Type": "Invoice",
         "Title": "14-Day Invoice with Direct Debit",
         "Tag": "Pay after delivery, and never miss a payment deadline!",
         "Logo": "https://cdn.myafterpay.com/logo/AfterPay_logo.svg",
         "DirectDebit": {
            "Available": true
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