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First Steps

To enable Riverty in a first-class experience you should prepare your checkout, and then set up the authorization of the Riverty payment options with our CheckOut Services, before you complete the integration with the order management calls. We recommend also implement our additional services (e.g. Customer LookUp) to support the collection of consumer information. They optimize the authorization and checkout experience of the consumer.

Main Concepts

In order to easily integrate with Riverty, we have adapted the terminology stemming from the usage of CreditCards as much as possible. Hence, our checkout services are triggered via authorization calls. You can either use the simple One-Step Authorization or Two-Step Authorization. To manage the order after authorization has been successful, use the Order Management calls: Capture, Refund, and Void. Furthermore, explore our additional services, such as the checkout optimizing Customer LookUp that minimizes the required consumer input or our Address Correction that helps to eliminate annoying errors due to typos or spelling mistakes. The validate bank account can be used to facilitate installments in the DACH region.

As stated previously, we have two ways of authorizing payment. Either you use the simple One-Step Authorization, that approves the payment based on the shopping basket (e.g. OrderValue, VAT), the consumer (e.g. Name, Address), and which Riverty Payment Option is chosen (e.g. 14-day invoice, consolidated invoice, fixed installments, or flex payment). Or you use the Two-Step Authorization that lets you evaluate which payment options shall be presented based on the shopping basket (e.g. OrderValue, VAT) and the consumer (e.g. Name, Address).

To fit into the organizing nature of your business the Order Management is an important part of payments. Order Management enables you to manage all transactions that happen for an order. Easily capture previously authorized funds, void an unsettled transaction, or do a full or partial refund of a settled transaction.

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