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Getting Started - Direct Integration

Direct Integration

Our Environments:

There are three different environments.

Our Sandbox-Environment is for you to get a first impression of our product and how our api works. However it is not meant for E2E testing. Endpoint https://sandbox.bnpl.riverty.io/

Test environment:
The test environment is much more powerful and should be used to verify a successful Riverty integration as you don't want to run into any unexpected issues, when switching Riverty live. Endpoint https://api.bnpl-pt.riverty.io/. To use the Test-Environment you will need a dedicated api key, which you will either receive in an e-mail from your integration manager or through the Merchant Portal. Please note that for the test environment you get at least one API key per country. To ease the testing, the system does not 100% mimic the production environment. A full E2E test can only be done to some extend.

Production/ Live-Environment:
The Production-Environment is the place where the real incoming orders will happen. Endpoint https://api.bnpl.riverty.io/. You will receive at least one API key per shop, per country and per currency.
For further questions please contact your implementation manager.

Integration Documents:

Recommended Integration Guide:
You can download your Integration Guide here. In our guide we have described the different calls we use for our API, as well as how you should integrate them in your shop system.

Minimal Requirements Documentation:
You can download our Minimal Requirements Documentation for the DACH region here. This document describes, how to make your Shop compliant with Riverty.

Test suite:
You can download the test suite here. The test suite includes various scenarios, not all of them necessarily will apply to your integration. We recommend that you execute these test cases before going live so that you can be sure that your integration works as intended and that you don’t run into any issues in production. After you have executed the tests, please send us the corresponding order numbers. We will then check our logs and report the results back to you.

Validation and Error codes:
Here you can find error codes sent by our API including a description. You can do a lot of quick trouble shooting by just looking at the error codes you receive. We also recommend that you integrate the customer facing error message, which will help your customers to provide the correct and necessary data in the checkout.

Device Finger Printing - Profile Tracking Guide:
You can download the Profile Tracking Guide here. This guide provides instructions how to implement the profile tracking tag in your checkout. You will find your Profile Tracking ID in the welcome email we have sent to you.

Merchant Portal:

Merchant Portal - access:
The Merchant Portal is a powerful tool with several functionalities from order management up to account data access. Sign up for the Merchant Portal Here.

The Merchant Portal exists in the test environment and in the production environment, so don't get confused.
The API keys for test will be in the Merchant Portal Test.
If you can't find your Test API key in the Merchant Portal yet, please contact your implementation manager.

The API keys for production will be in the Merchant Portal Production.
Your implementation manager will share the link with you after successful completion of the integration test.

Merchant Portal Guide:
You can find our Merchant Portal Guide here.

Shop Logo and Hero Image:
In the merchant portal you can provide your logo and add a hero image. These images will be shown on the invoices sent to your consumer. Your individual branding will help your consumers, to link the invoice to the purchase in your shop.
You will find the branding option in the Merchant Portal when clicking on the 3 line in the top right corner.

Developer Portal:

Developer Portal:
Our Developer Portal provides additional background and information about our product, APIs and Settlement process. Here are a few pages you should take a look at:

Our requirements for the terms and conditions can be found here.

Information about how the settlement and payout process works can be found here.

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