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Our BNPL Payment Methods

Riverty's Payment Methods

More shoppers than ever before shop on their mobile devices, and making the checkout experience as easy as possible continues to be a top priority. Experience first, Pay-Later services facilitate just that and allow shoppers to separate the checkout from the execution of the actual payment.

Riverty gives shoppers the freedom to pay whenever and however they find it most convenient. Shoppers who choose to pay with one of Riverty’s invoice payment services are subject to predefined payment terms. The full purchase amount is to be paid on the invoice due date. The payment due date is based on the dispatch date of the goods, not the purchase date.

Riverty's payment options and features are available in nine markets in Europe. The availability of payment features as well as part payment and direct debit payment services vary per country.


Consumers pay after receiving their order, with a payment term of 14 or 30 days. Increases conversion rates and average order value. This option required no minimum basket value and is therefore the most versatile payment option.

Campaign Invoice

This is an invoice service with extended payment term, either fixed (such as: 15. January) or floating (such as: in 60 days).

It is mostly set up for merchants and ideal for periods of increased consumption. Riverty offers standard campaigns, depending on the season. Merchants are also able to set up specific campaigns for example for Easter, Black Friday or Christmas through separate agreements. Can be offered to consumers free of charge or against a surcharge. This helps consumers to relate to campaigns of the merchant much better and increases conversion up to 18%.

Campaign invoice is configured for a specific use case and will also show as such in the checkout to make the most out of the extended payment term. For example: ‘Shop now, pay before Easter’, ‘Pay when it gets hot’ or ‘Shop now, pay in January.’

For example, Christmas campaign A would be displayed at checkout as “Buy now, pay after Christmas” and payment is due by January 31, regardless of the actual purchase date as below:


In contrast, Christmas campaign B would be displayed at checkout as “Buy now, pay in 30 days” and payment is due within 30 days from dispatch, as shown below:


Consolidated Invoice

Provides your customers the ability to pay several invoices in one go with collected purchases over a specific timeframe. This reduces the consumer's effort, increasing the frequency of purchases and therefore your revenue. Positively impacts the average order value, increases frequency of purchases, reduced consumer effort, therefore increased revenue.


Fixed Instalments

Riverty offers fixed instalment plans with predefined maturities of 3, 6, 12, or 24months. The Payment API determines which of these instalment plans can be offered. The monthly amount to be paid in a fixed instalment plan is the same during the entire plan. Unlock new customer segments by enabling them to purchase higher value goods, boosting conversion rates and revenue


Direct Debit

This payment solution is a trusted payment option for consumers that makes them feel safe to proceed to checkout, particularly with recurring payments. With Direct Debit, we run risks so you can relax. It increases conversion rates and customer retention through one-click checkout.

Flex Payment (Account) (Nordics only)

Merchants can provide shoppers with a more flexible payment option at checkout by allowing them to control the amount they are willing to pay per month, which means there is no set maturity. However, shoppers are obliged to pay a monthly minimum as defined by Riverty. Shoppers can alter the amount they are willing to pay every month in Riverty’s customer portal. Additional orders can be added at any time as long as the amount does not exceed the credit limit set by Riverty.

To use the Flex payment options, shoppers must sign a credit agreement within 14 days after receiving the first invoice, and shoppers in Sweden or Norway must also sign KALP.

The account notice is sent on country-specific dates (e.g. the 18th of the month in Sweden) and has payment terms of 12 days like the fixed instalments.


Pay in 3 (Netherlands only)

Pay in 3 is an interest-free, 90 day split payment product payment checkout option, which charges customers at the end of each 30 day cycle. Riverty’s Pay in 3 product allows customers to spread costs out over time, while also allowing merchants to sell more high-value items. This improves customer cash flow and budgeting creates a direct positive impact on merchant revenue and profits.

What sets Riverty’s Pay in 3 product apart from the competition? In contrast to other 90-day products on the market, Pay in 3 by Riverty charges the customer at the end of each 30 day cycle, not the beginning. This encourages customer purchases by enabling a 30 day try-out period before the first payment is due. The second and third payments are due within 60 and 90 days respectively. Pay in 3 is available in both the Riverty App and the MyRiverty Portal. 

In the Netherlands, consumers can pay for installments from their bank via iDEAL using both the Riverty App and the MyRiverty portal.


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