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    OXID is a popular e-commerce platform. You can use our plugin to add Riverty to your webshop.


    This guide describes the steps to quickly install, configure, test and activate the Riverty payment methods in your Oxid version 6 store.

    Riverty offers 3 different payment options via Oxid:

    • 14-day invoice - This is the default 14-day invoice payment method in Riverty. It is always available in every market where Riverty operates. It is primarily meant for business-to-consumer sales.
    • Direct Debit - This is a Direct Debit version of the 14-day invoice payment method Instead of receiving an invoice to be paid via their bank, the customer enters their bank details, and the money is immediately deducted from their bank account.
    • Instalments - This is a Part Payment invoice. The customer can split their purchase over multiple monthly payments.

    The available payment methods per country for Oxid can be found in this table:

    Country 14-day invoice Direct Debit Fixed instalments


    In this chapter we will explain how you can install and configure Riverty for your Oxid webshop.


    This module is compatible with versions 6.1.5 of the Community, Professional and Enterprise Editions. Please first make sure that this module is compatible with your shop version. Otherwise cancel the installation and contact us. Please note that the module requires an access key to function correctly, which you will receive from us. A contract on the payment methods to be offered is therefore a prerequisite for installation.


    Use Composer in the console and add the module to your shop. To do this, change to the directory in which the shop's "composer.json" is located. Call the following command:

    composer require arvato/afterpay-oxid-module

    Now navigate in the admin area (so-called backend) to Extension > Module and select "Arvato::Riverty". Click on overview and activate the module.

    Doublecheck if the button now shows the text "Deactivate" instead of "Activate". Now navigate to Service > Tools and click on "Update DB Views now". Then delete the contents of the folder SHOP-STAMMVERZEICHNIS/tmp, only leave files that begin with a dot. You may have to log out of the backend and log back in to see all the changes. Finally, check that you can see the tab "Riverty" under Administer Orders > Orders. If not, carefully repeat the steps in this section.

    Basic settings

    Please log into your Oxid admin page and navigate to Riverty Module.

    General settings

    • Default Shipping Company: Name of the delivery service that should be pre-filled when shipping is registered, e.g. "DHL" or "UPS"
    • Standard refund description: Text to be pre-filled for refunds, e.g. "Refund"
    • Risk management - ChannelType: As communicated by Riverty
    • Risk management - DeliveryType: As communicated by Riverty

    API Settings

    • API request logging: If logging is activated, every communication with the arvato::Riverty is logged. This log can be found under rootdirectory/logs/ARVATO.log.
    • API URL: The URL to Arvato's API server, starting with https://
    • API key [payment type] [country code] [instalment payment]: Your password to Arvato's API server, split by country code of your customer.
    • Sandbox mode: Instead of API-URL and API-password, Sandbox-API-URL and Sandbox API password are used (https://developer-sandbox.riverty.com/)
    • Sandbox API URL: The URL to Arvato's API server for test environments https://devportal-sandbox.riverty.dev/
    • Sandbox API Key [Payment Type] [Country ID]: Your password to Arvato's API server for test environments, divided by the country code of your customer.

    Caution: The log contains personal data and should be deactivated in production mode to the immense increase in file size. Installation errors are always logged regardless of this setting.

    Chose the "Sandbox" to allow you to trigger test orders and test the process, before the module goes live with your shop.

    Caution: Deactivate the sandbox mode before you go live, otherwise unpaid orders may be triggered.

    Required fields

    According to our risk standards we require mandatory fields, these vary from country to country. Please refer to Consumer Information.

    After the module has been installed, activated and configured, you will find the following payment methods in the backend under Shop Settings:

    • arvato::Riverty Invoice
    • arvato::Riverty direct debit
    • arvato::Riverty Instalments

    These payment methods are assigned to most customer groups by default, as well as to Germany and the standard delivery method. You can change these settings if you need more information consult the OXID documentation.

    Profile Tracking

    • Activate Profile Tracking: If contractually agreed with Arvato, profile tracking is activated here.
    • Profile tracking URL: As communicated by Arvato
    • Profile tracking client ID": As communicated by Arvato.

    Remember to confirm changes with the "Save" button.


    Once configured, you operate the module by selecting the relevant order under Administer Orders > Orders and clicking on the tab "Riverty". For technical reasons, the Riverty tab is displayed for all orders. If the order was not paid with Riverty, you will receive the message "No Riverty order" without any further action.


    • Capture pending payments: Click on Capture to trigger the payment in the selected amount. Depending on the payment method, the buyer receives an invoice, the direct debit is triggered or the first instalment is due.
    • Cancel payment reservation:At order completion the invoice amount was reserved. If you know that you will no longer collect the payment (for example, because the customer has canceled), you can release it here by clicking void. This makes the amount available to the customer for new purchases. With this step, you relinquish the ability to be able to process the order in the future.
    • Refund captured payments: Click on Refund to initiate the refund of a payment. The customer is credited with the amount. If you have collected the amount in several steps, you must confirm each refund field once. This field is only visible after a capture.
    • Refund captured payments - Enter any amount: : By clicking on refund, you can partially or fully refund an invoice previously collected by capture. Enter the gross amount to be refunded. You will find an input mask for each VAT rate in the order (e.g. 19% and 7% for Germany, as of 2018). Be careful not to mix up the VAT rates and assign the respective refunds to the correct tax rate. You can add a description to the refund such as "goodwill", "revocation", etc. or similar. This description will be displayed to the buyer on their credit note. This field is only visible after a capture.
    • Capture delivery information: Click on Capture Shipping to record the shipment of the order. The buyer will be notified by Arvato::Riverty by e-mail about the shipment. OXID now lists the order as completed. You can specify the delivery in more detail by specifying a delivery service and, in the case of partial delivery, by specifying the goods delivered. This field is only visible after a capture.


    After completing the setup the next step is to test the connection.

    Standard test scenarios

    Please submit the following test scenarios. To check your own test transactions proceed to paragraph check test order. Complete the table with your order numbers and send it to your Riverty Implementation Manager. You can put multiple test cases in one order but please refer to the right order number after each testcase.

    # Test case Order number
    1. Test an order with multiple products
    2. Test an order with a fixed discount
    3. Test an order with a percentual discount
    4. Test an order with a shipping fee
    5. Test an order with an alternate delivery address
    6. Test an order with pick-up points (if applicable)
    7. Test an order with store pick-up (if applicable)
    8. Test an order with a house number addition
    9. Test and make sure the VAT is correctly received by Riverty

    Payment method scenarios

    After you tested all standard scenarios for the 14-day invoice you should start testing the other payment methods you activated. Please complete the tables with your order numbers and send them to your Riverty Implementation Manager.

    If you want to integrate Direct Debit please proceed with this test order:

    # Test case Order number
    D-1. Test an order with the Direct Debit payment method

    If you want to integrate Instalments please proceed with these test orders:

    # Test case Order number
    I-1. Test an order with 3 month instalments
    I-2. Test an order with 6 month instalments (if applicable)
    I-3. Test an order with 12 month instalments (if applicable)

    Customer facing messages

    It is also necessary to check if the error messages are correctly shown to the customer.

    • Test a rejected authorize. Please make sure that the customer friendly message is displayed correctly in the check-out.
    • Test validation error. Please make sure that the customer friendly message is displayed correctly in the check-out.

    Check test order

    You are able to verify the transactions on the Riverty side by yourself. You can do this with the "GET ORDER" call. You can send these calls for example with Postman. The response will show you how the transactions a registered on the Riverty side. Documentation for the "GET ORDER" call can be found below.


    Visual guidelines

    In this chapter we will explain the Riverty visual guidelines you need to apply to your webshop.

    Logos and banners

    For convenience and a familiar customer experience, please integrate/enclose the Riverty logo in your Checkout next to the payment method. Please refer to our Merchant Playbook for full details on how to make the customer experience smooth and frictionless.

    When Implementing the Riverty logo throughout the shopping experience please ensure you are using our URL, not by downloading the image. The Riverty logos are hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the best performance and availability for your website. Furthermore, you do not have to care about changes, which are all done by Riverty.

    We provide two types of logos through our CDN - .svg and .png. We recommend using the Riverty logo as a .svg file with regard to the quality and size of the file. If you prefer .png just change the end of the URL to .png. We also offer the Riverty logo in different color schemes. Depending on your individual website background, choose the Riverty logo that fits best.

    DescriptionCopy URLLogo
    Riverty-AfterPay Checkout Logo in SVGhttps://cdn.riverty.design/logo/riverty-checkout-logo.svgRiverty-AfterPay Checkout Logo in SVG

    Terms and conditions

    Riverty mandates that it is mandatory for a consumer to be presented with Riverty's terms and conditions and Privacy Policy upon checkout. Thus the option to display the T&C should be always enabled in the plugin configuration. In certain cases where you would like to incorporate the Riverty T&C and Privacy Policy within your own Terms and Conditions, this must be done only with approval from Riverty's legal counsel. After approval include the country specific T&C and Privacy Policy resources.


    Introduction to the Riverty Merchant Portal

    You can go to the Merchant Portal here. Once logged in, you will also see an in-depth guide on how to best use it.

    In the merchant portal you can:

    • View and mutate your Riverty orders
    • Get financial reports
    • Setup your branding in the Riverty systems
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