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Download our pre-created Postman collection and start testing our API right away. All examples in the documentation are already there and you can start trying out with ease.



How can I use Postman and Riverty?

Open Postman You should see an empty request window. In this window you can specify the type of request (POST, GET etc.), the URL additional field like the Headers, Body, Pre-request Script and Tests. Mostly the Headers contain values which are needed for authentication. In the case of the example for Riverty the API-Key is needed as well as a “Content-Type” which states that the body is in a JSON format.

Those fields are required regardless of a POST or GET-Request. The Body can be empty (as in a GET-Request) or can contain several key-value pairs needed for manipulation. As the name reveals a Pre-request Script runs before a request is send in order to set some values or similar. However, it can be empty as well. Tests are “Post-Request Scripts” which can check if your request was sent successfully and had the desired results.

For further readings and first steps in Postman, please feel free to read these instructions (https://www.getpostman.com/docs/requests).

Postman Environments can be downloaded in the My Account > Credentials section of the Riverty Developer Portal, as they are specific to your API key.

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